Our Services

Max.Ideas offers personal product development of melamine tableware for our clients.


  • The minimum requirement is 300 pieces for Melawares (melamine material) and 10,000 pieces for Bestware (urea material) per item. Base colors are restricted to white, lavender, ivory, speckled cream and yellow orange.
  • Personalized items will have a different SRP from the price of a regular melamine designed item with a corresponding plus or minus production count. Production count refers to the tolerable (+) excess or (-) shortage of the quantity.
  • An additional artwork cost that depends on the number of colors of the design and the number of items to be developed will be charged for one-time payment only. This will cover the negative that will be used for the printing of the decal design.  Since one layout can only accommodate a maximum of 5 items, an exceeding item would be considered in another layout.  Artwork cost is waived with purchase of 5,000 pieces and above per item.  The artwork cost will be dependent on the item with the highest quantity. Please refer to the table below for the pricing.
  • The mode of payment is 50% upon approval of the mock-up and 50% upon completion of delivery. For provincial clients, all payments will need to be bank transferred to Banco De Oro Savings Account
  • The personalized product development will take 1½ month to 2 months. The printing process will consume the longest lead-time, since it is a job-out from China. Melawares is only limited to lay-outing the design.
  • To start the product development, the client is to provide a soft copy of their company logo or the personalized design they would want to place in their items. The prescribed artwork softcopy format would be in Corel Draw or EPS (Illustrator / Photoshop). For vector graphics, convert all fonts into objects or give the name of the font used in the artwork.
  • Soft copy of the design that is not given in the specified format will need to be redrawn. First minor redrawing will not be charged with additional cost and would take 5 working days. Second redrawing and/or first major redrawing would cost Php1,500.00 and would take another 5 working days.
  • If a hard copy is provided (e.g. calling cards or any printed designs) the design will need to be recreated.  Simple enhancement will not be charged with additional cost and would take 5 working days, on the other hand, major recreation will be charged with the amount of Php1,500.00 and would take 7 working days.
  • If the design will need to be conceptualized by our artist, the client is to provide ideas for the creation of the artwork.  Melawares Manufacturing Corp. is to present 3 designs within 7 working days upon confirmation of the order.  A conceptualization fee of Php 1,500.00 will be charged for the first three designs and an additional of Php 1,500.00 for each succeeding batch (3 concepts each) which would take another 7 working days.
  • For revision after approval of the design, Melawares can do modification within 3 working days for minor adjustment and 4 working days for major adjustment and would cost Php1,000.00 for  each three revisions.
  • Another contributor to the lead-time is the mock-up and proofing presentation. The client will need to approve the mock-up sample and the proofing sample before going to final printing and final production. For provincial clients, samples will be sent through FedEx.
  • Mock-ups are samples of the items with their artwork pasted on it. It is presented within 5 working days upon receipt of the soft copy of the logo or upon approval of the presented designs.  Mock-up presentation is only limited to three modifications and each presentation would take 3 working days for minor revisions (i.e. resizing and positioning) and 8 working days for major revisions (i.e. new concept design or re-layout of items).  Succeeding adjustments after the third modification will be charged an additional Php 1,500.00 for each presentation.
  • Proofing is a final prototype of the item; it is an actual sample of their product in which the final production output will be based. It is presented within 15-20 working days upon approval of the mock-up.  Adjustment is restricted only to changing the color of the design and the color tone of the artwork. Proofing is limited to only one revision and would take 15-20 working days for another presentation.
  • Delivery is 25 working days upon approval of the proofing. For staggered transfer, applicable for orders with more than 10,000 pieces in quantity, deliveries will be made in accordance to the schedule agreed upon by both parties.
  • Freight or shipping cost will be shouldered by the client since free delivery is only offered within the Metro Manila area.